Sunday, August 23, 2009

"You oughtta see me now"

Graduation marked a new beginning.
"I did it, YESSSS, now what?!!?"

June 25th, 2009 was an exciting day, but yet extremely nerve-wracking. The thought of tripping or making the wrong move made me forget that Graduation was officially the end of everything I had ever worked for. Now that I look back, I remember when days in school seem to be like weeks, hours doing homework felt like months and the school year felt like an entire lifetime. Birthdays took forever to come, and Christmas lasted more than a few weeks. Cartoons were more important than sleep and presentations were my worst nightmare. I am still freaked out a little about presentations, but the hours, days and years have definitely gone by faster. Senior year was definitely a blur, and I will be turning 19 in less than a month. I appreciate my sleep more than I used to. And you will never find me awake at 6 am on a Saturday waiting for the 'Teletubbies' to come on (oh I know, horrible horrible thought). I have definitely learned that time does not slow down as we grow older, and how in less than 5 years our priorities can change so drastically. In a way I am scared of what is to come, but then again it is normal to fear of the unknown. I will be taking a year off before college, and I hope I can get as much out of it as I have planned. Here's to a new adventure.


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